Saturday, January 24, 2015

Eight-second Win Equivalent?

As LSU is struggling to keep up with Vanderbilt early in the second half, we're trying to keep an eye on the UFC stuff and just saw a guy (Amirkhani) win in eight seconds. I mean, I know people get into this stuff, but that guy just flew across the world to fight for eight seconds! An opening kick, a couple of punches, head back home.

So imagine if other sports could be won so quickly. Here are some of my suggestions for possible automatic wins in other sports.

Baseball: Lead-off home run. 1-0 win. Game over.

Basketball: Win the tip, immediately throw up a halfcourt shot. If it goes in, you win.

Football: Run back the opening kick for a touchdown. Good night.

Any other sports?

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Allen Wedge said...

Tennis: you start with an ace, game-set-match.

Racing, pass for the lead in the 1st turn, you win, race over.

Also based on the picture I found of Mr. Finland, I'd say he actually prefers to fly all the way there and win in 8 seconds so he has more time for the ladies.