Saturday, January 24, 2015

Hippo Size root beer… the bar is set

Hippo Size – Mukilteo, WA (5/5)

The thing with Judge Wapner, Cubby Bear, Red Arrow, and now Hippo Size root beer is that you are drinking the original recipe, but sadly the original brewery is long since gone. I’m not actually sure where Hippo Size originated as there’s not much info on the interwebs. I talks about being a big Texas size drink, so maybe Texas, and that wouldn't surprise me as there’s many Texas beverages (Triple XXX root beer etc.) that have gone under but continue being brewed by newer people in new locations.

Hippo is now being made by Orca Beverages in Washington who also keeps Red Arrow and many others alive, and thank goodness for them because Hippo Size has a motto “Small Bottle, BIG Taste” and they back up their trash talk.

This is bar none the best root beer I’ve had this blogathon… this week, this month, this year… It’s an awesome heavy, smooth root beer with a strong wintergreen taste that tingles on top of your tongue. I’m really sad more than anything that I only have 1 bottle of this because it was pretty much awesome. It went down like a smooth beverage but if you savored it in your mouth it had a great kick of the mint to it.

I've never seen a hippo in person, but based on this beverage they must be the size of a house because the taste on this root beer was massive! 5 out of 5, Orca should pat themselves on the back for this one.

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