Friday, February 13, 2015

Fun Notes From This Week

As I drowned in my sorrow following LSU's loss to Kentucky, I did catch a few fun stories this week that I wanted to mention.

First, did you know that GBS semi-favorite Julio Franco is still playing baseball?! Although he hasn't seen MLB action since 2007, Franco is now serving as a player-manager in Japan. We're told he is 56 years old, but remember, his age has been questioned in the past. So who knows. As a manager in Mexico last season, his team finished 58-47. I'd love to see him coaching in the majors soon. And maybe pinch hitting!

Speaking of old dudes playing baseball, in case you missed it, this 88-year-old totally tried to charge the mound in a fantasy camp. I mean, he looked out in that direction and took a few steps before being "contained" by the ump, but the rage and intent were there! I just hope that I can still play baseball when I'm 88. Or at least stand up. Honestly, if I'm 88 and the best I can do is wake up and watch old People's Court and Love Connection episodes, that'll be OK too.

Finally, this week I learned about a new sport called sepak takraw. It's kind of like volleyball mixed with soccer, and (I think) you have to be a ninja to play it. Basically, I plan to become the resident sepak takraw expert here at GBS as soon as I can. Give me some time to figure this stuff out, and soon you'll be able to come here for all of the latest sepak takraw news and analysis you could ever want. Why didn't we have this as an intramural sport in school?


The Speedgeek said...

First up, that old guy was totally right to take exception to the "salt and pepper bearded chin music" that he was just served up. Total BS for fantasy camp.

Second, sepak takraw looks even cooler than when some buddies and I took a trip to Dublin about 10 years ago, and found out that we happened to be there during the national junior "hurling" championships. Of course, we had to take a break from the endless pints of Guinness to check that out. Get ready for the best 5 minutes of your week and then feast your eyeballs on this:

It's every bit as insane as it looks like at first glance. It's not "ninja ball", but it is hockey/soccer/rugby/Aussie Rules Football, at the very least.

Mike said...

Whoa. That's amazing. The video was great about explaining it too. I wonder what happens if you hit someone with your stick. Or kick the ball. I have so many questions. Imagine being the ref who has to decide if it was three steps or four. It's all so fast.