Sunday, January 31, 2016

Daytona - 58 Minutes to Go

We're right down to it here, with the #2 ESM Ligier-Honda and the #10 Wayne Taylor Racing Corvette battling straight up for the victory, and the #90 Visit Florida Racing Corvette lurking in the case that something strange happens with the top-2. GTLM is still super close, with three cars on the lead lap and two more just a lap down, and GTF is still a fracas, with the top-5 all on the lead lap (I think, there's a lag in the Timing and Scoring right now).

I'm buckling in with a beer (a Fat Bottom Ruby Red, my first beer of the day after the Highland Double Chocolate Milk Stout/Crackerjack fiasco last night) and putting some TV on in the other room to keep our little one occupied for the next hour. I'm sure there'll be a bathroom disaster with 4 minutes to go, but I guess that's why they invented DVRs.

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The Speedgeek said...

For the record, the "bathroom disaster" came with 42 minutes to go. So, I'll be behind live until the last commercial break before checkered flag, most likely.