Sunday, January 31, 2016

Did You Know...?

(ESPN theme song plays.)

(Do they even still do that?)

Did you know that Wedge has had a drafted blog post for over a year now for a pretty good topic? I'm not gonna tell you what it is either. But whenever he finishes it, it'll be great. Trust me.

Prop bet: What happens first?

Cubs win the World Series

Wedge finishes that draft


The Speedgeek said...

I can throw zero stones here. I've been percolating a "Best Racing Video Games for Nintendo/PS1/PS2/Arcade" post for like 4 years now. Fortunately, that draft is just in my head instead of on Blogger, so you guys don't know about it.

Wait. Crap.

Mike said...

Too late, my list is definitive!

(But seriously, can't wait for your post. I'm sure it'll be awesome. Do it!)

The Speedgeek said...

Oh. Right. I'd forgotten why that was on my radar screen at all. And that I'd promised a multi-multi-multi-multi-post series out of it. It'll happen. Someday.

Allen Wedge said...

jokes on you I just finished and posted it.

Mike said...