Sunday, January 31, 2016

Pick 'Em Challenge Scoring Update

Heading into the final six hours of the Rolex 24, here are the unofficial point totals for our Pick 'Em Challenge:

Speedgeek - 47
Wedge - 36
Mike - 36

Speedgeek is slaughtering us. While I managed epic lows in UFC (and probably soccer as well) as expected, I also managed to LOSE ground on basketball! When the tennis and racing are my only hopes for winning, you know something went wrong. Other than Depaul and Tulane, I felt pretty good about my basketball picks, yet I barely cracked .500.

There are still four soccer games today, the Pro Bowl tonight, and LOTS of points still on the race track. With the final times getting double points (12, 8, and 4), Wedge and I still have a shot. Looks like my hopes lie with the 90 and the 2, while Speedgeek has the 5 and the 10. Wedge's best shot right now is the 01.


Mike said...

For what it's worth, my 44 and 4 seem to be doing well within their classes.

Why haven't we added points for that yet? Next year!

Allen Wedge said...

Scott Pruett is finally being interviewed!!!! and he said hi to his family at home... who had the 19 hour 0 minute mark?

Allen Wedge said...

sorry 19 hours 40 minute mark

Mike said...

So with the Scott Pruett update, our scoring would be:

Speedgeek - 48
Wedge - 41
Mike - 39

A little better!

Allen Wedge said...

how many draws do we get in soccer?