Saturday, January 26, 2019

Curling is HEATNG UP!

As many of you (OK, like, both of you who are following us) may have noticed, we have incorporated professional curling into our pick-'em game this year. This is likely due to two items: 1) I took the game up about 10 months ago, and 2) Mike writes a mean curling song. Anyway, we've all selected three each from the teams that are participating in this weekend's Ed Werenich Golden Wrench Classic Presented by The Lodge Sasquatch Kitchen (seriously, this is the actual name) that's going on in Scottsdale, AZ this weekend. Right this minute, there's a titanic Group Round battle going on between Kirk Muyres's team from Saskatoon (Mike has them) vs. Karsten Sturmay's team from Edmonton. Into the second end, Sturmay is up 1 to 0, but Muyres has the hammer.

Curling fever! CATCH IT!

P.S. Also, the Chupacabra car is ON MY TV SCREEN RIGHT NOW, MIKE!!!

1 comment:

Mike said...

I seem to have missed the chupacabra appearance while researching the differences between Dale Earnhardt and Barry Pepper.