Sunday, January 27, 2019

I don't have a crush on Djokovic. You do.

Back to the topic of Djokovic being in great shape...

Look, I'm not saying Nadal has a belly. I mean, I have enough belly for me, you, these two tennis dudes, and Santa Claus, OK? But when you look at him, he has just the normal belly of a fit guy. You can see it in his shirt. He's a fit dude.

But Djokovic has like a NEGATIVE belly. His shirt goes IN. I almost want to share some of these donuts with the guy, cause I feel like he must just never eat. Yet he has the energy to just zip all over the place, Snoopy style. (Seriously, I think he's the first tennis player who could play against himself like Snoopy does in the Peanuts Thanksgiving special.) I called Djokovic a robot before. But maybe he's an alien?

Hey! Did you know it's like 4 in the morning here in Nashville?! Happy Blogathon!

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