Sunday, January 26, 2020

Good Morning From Daytona!

Or, probably, the more accurate greeting should be "Good Morning at Daytona", seeing as how I'm not there or anything. Anyway, sorry for the silence from me since the end of Benchwarmers 2, but last night was my first opportunity to get more than 6.5 hours of sleep in two full weeks. Sometimes you just gotta grab the sleep when you can.

I turned on the TV this morning just in time for a great Sam Posey-narrated piece about Ken Miles (you know, the guy Christian Bale played in "Ford v. Ferrari"), followed by a GOOD OL' CARBEQUE when the #11 Grasser/GEAR Lambo driven by Christina Nielsen caught fire on the back straight, causing her to slam on the brakes on the east banking (after making a trip to Daytona last fall and doing the track tour, I now know which end of the track is east and which is west, so I'm probably going to hit everybody over the head with that knowledge forever now) and the safety crew to come out to put out the blaze under the engine cover after the on board fire extinguisher apparently wouldn't work. Yikes. Scary stuff. With that breather, we now get a chance to reset and see that three of the four classes have multiple cars on the lead lap and the fourth (it probably goes without saying that it's LMP2) actually only has a lap between the top two cars, so that one's up for grabs, too. Oh, and my #7 Penske Acura DPi has recovered back up to 10th overall, so at least it's not an ARFLpocalypse for me to start the year.

Hang in here a little bit for the 12- and 18-Hour Pick 'Em scores as we restart (both the race and Blogathon) here. It should be a fun last 4 1/2 hours!

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